Thursday, December 31, 2009

How To Combat The IRGC If Necessary

Rumors are abound that Pasadaran columns are nearing the outskirts of Tehran. The city might fall under martial law soon. As these rumors become more and more believable, I feel it necessary to give some tips to the Sea of Green about how to react to the Pasadaran (IRGC) if they enter the city.

1.If you are protesting and encounter an IRGC main battle tank or armored vehicle you should immediately get down on your knees, face the turret, place your hands up in surrender and begin apologizing profusely for trying to destablilize Iran. Do not throw a rock or molotov cocktail device at the tank, it will have no effect. Do not approach the tank or else you may be fired upon. Do not soil your pants while quivering in fear. The tank commander will just laugh uncontrollably.

2. If you encounter IRGC soldiers in the streets you should do as recommended above. Surrender and apologize. Do not throw rocks or try to persuade these hardened soldiers to join your side. They believe you have all been corrupted by foreign powers and will show you no leniency if you resist.

3. If Soldiers Enter Your not resist. If you are a protester, simply surrender. If you are harboring protesters, I advise you turn them in immediately. Otherwise you run the risk of being labeled as an enemy of the regime yourself.

I will post more tips as time allows

Monday, December 14, 2009

Not With A Bang, But With A Whimper

As the year comes to an end, so does the Sea of Green, fading gently into the evening. Western media has all but washed it's infidel hands of Mir Moussavi and his feeble attempt to overthrow the Islamic Republic of Iran's government. Social media networks such as twitter, and facebook are largely silent of protesters voices. On twitter, a small band of dedicated, fundamentalist pro-Mousavi students remains. However, that is about the extent of the once vaunted Sea of Green's reach outside of Iran. Inside Iran the situation is no more promising. The core of Mousavi's support is now centered almost entirely around young college students. These people have neither the intellectual prowess to realize how Mousavi is using them. They listen to his wordseffectively challenge the regime. They are in a precarious position. Mousavi's brainwashing attempts are responsible for sending dozens to prison cells every day. The heart of Iran- it's children- is being torn assunder by the power hungry Mousavi and his Sea of Green.
The remainder of Iran is wisely staying on the sidelines. The battle is, for all intent and purposes, already over. The regime's grip on power is stronger than ever. It is arresting Mousavi's supporters by the hundreds. Mousavi and Karroubi will be next. How do they retalliate against the regime?
The vandalize photographs of Ayatollah Khomeini.
And so ends the Sea of Green....not with a bang but a whimper.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

#Iranelection: Troll Paradise

I guess I started something way back when I decided to come on and debate the fools on the Twitter thread #Iranelection. My experiment has spawned a gaggle of new, anti-Green trolls! In the past few months a swarm of them have congregated on the thread. The green idiots there blame me, naturally. They claim it is me making a multitude of new accounts with names that mimick some of them. LOL I only wish I had the time to cause so much havoc there. Eyeranprotester....the in retirement. Eyeransupreme has taken his place. The others are non sanctioned poseurs.
Many people have come on claiming to be Persiankiwi. It tickles my fancy to see the chaos this causes. Persiankiwis, Persiankiwiabr and _Persiankiwi have stirred both hope and anger. But none come close to the madness caused by the uber idiot Persiankiwie. That man or woman, whoever it may be, had #iranelection in an uproar back in June.
I have two favorites in the new troll class. Jocariva, who claims to be the non-gay twin brother of the regular #iranelection poster Jocarva uses an avatar that Jocarva stole from him. But Jocarva claims it was stolen from him. Or, as he says "..You Stoooled it from me!" I wish I was creative enough to have made up Jocariva but I applaude his target of choice. Jocarva is an ass.
My ultimate favorite is Buddy_Luv. This guy comes on with an avatar of a cat he claims he molested. He acts like he's a friend of #Iranelection but the guy claims in other threads that he gives money to the Basij. I like him because he's a pure, unadulterated moron and makes no bones about it.
So I applaude him, Jocariva, and the other trolls currently fighting the good fight on #iranelection. Maybe they can help it trend once again

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Joanne Michele's Hunt For EyeranProtestr

Away from the chaos that the Eyeran campaign brought to the #iranelection thread, some Sea of Greenies were attempting to track down and identify Eyeranprotestr. Believe me, there was never the slightest chance of success, but they did try with gusto. DorkThink, a twitter member and frequent poster on #iranelection (And a fan of this blog ;-)) believes that she was able to trace my IP address and declared to the world that I was a kid from Northern California. She even brought this declaration to my blog and stated it in the comment section of one of my previous posts. Good try, however, you are wrong.
JoanneMichele, another tweeter and fanatical member of the #iranelection militia went beyond Dork's efforts in tracking me down. She appealed to her friends on the message boards at for help in hunting me down. She was greatly offended that somebody would come to #iranelection and disagree with the views of 99% of the posters and took it upon herself to make sure I was 'brought to justice.' Below is a a link to the 'Eyeranprotestr' discussion on that website. JoanneMichele was the ringleader as you can tell. Read through all of the pages of the US Realpolitik thread from Page 3 on

Start from this point on Page 3 (Cut and paste please, hard time linking it)

To conclude, JoanneMichele and her idiotic minions, after hours of research, came to the conclusion that I was a man named Afshin K Azar of Houston Texas. Epic failure. She even would send me tweets with the name and threatened to 'tell your wife what you're doing.' I told her to go ahead, Afshin was not Eyeran. I do not know for certain, but some friends of mine told me later that she did in fact contact the wife of Mr.Azar and caused quite a mess.

It's always interesting to see people like JoanneMichele and Dork use the tactics of their enemies. Basij and the Iranian government trace people through their computers. But hey, I guess that confirms that the Eyeran Campaign was more than a nuisance to #iranelection and its moronic members. Eyeranprotestr was apparently enough of an 'enemy' that Joannemichele felt compelled to hunt me down and bring 'justice' to me. She failed. So did Dork. All they've done is get innocent people into trouble.
Hey Morons, if you want to know where I'm from, just ask. It'd save you much trouble. I could be from Philadelphia or South Jersey or Texas or Singapore. Just ask! :) I only pray that JoanneMichele has not traumatized innocent Afshin and caused his family harm.

Wishing you all a great day!


Sunday, August 23, 2009

#Iranelection: Demise Of A Thread

It's about over for the thread #iranelection on Twitter. Once a staple of the Iranian opposition movement's supporters, and consistently one of the most popular trends on Twitter, it has, of late, degenerated into a hive of infighting, mistrust, and a simple lack of focus. It is dying off rapidly...and sadly. As the world's attention turns away from Iran, the thread has lost it's meaning and sense of direction. A majority of the people who continue to post regularly belong to a cadre of die-hard fundamentalist-type opponents of Ahmadinejad and the regime. They sit on Twitter trading historical quotes of inspiration and 'news from Iran' which is 99% rumor. They challenge all newcomers and prematurely denounce them as 'Spies for the regime' without any evidence. A few other tweets come from people or organizations looking to make a financial gain from the turmoil in Iran, such as the Haystack supporters. Haystack is a product alleged to provide uncensored internet access to people in Iran. I strongly doubt Haystack will ever live up to it's promise. There is no proof that it has, in any case. Nevertheless, Haystack supporters continuously ask for financial contributions on #iranelection. Where the money they receive goes, I have no idea. However, it's safe to say the money does not go towards making Haystack a reality. The remainder of the regular contributors to #Iranelection are the legitimate supporters of the regime and those lashing out for being labeled as 'government spies' and 'troublemakers.'
As the Sea of Green evaporates in Iran, it does the same on Twitter.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Fairy Tale That Is Persiankiwi and PersianKiwie

In the midst of a struggle, people need a hero. A living, breathing symbol of courage in a world that is increasingly oppressive and dark. Someone who they can look to for inspiration and encouragement, especially in the darkest of hours. Ghandi and Martin Luther King were such men. They existed, and there are long, detailed histories of them and their feats. Unfortunately, men such as this are not always there when the people need them. Fortunately, there are enough resourceful and creative humans around to compensate for this. If there are no heroic symbols alive, one can always create them, We've seen it before. Robin Hood is a perfect example. So are, to lesser extents, the pied piper and Peter Pan. Legends and fairy tales created to give people hope and inspiration.
In June, 2009, as Iran came unglued and the streets were filled with protesters and riot police locked in bloody clashes, a hero was created for the benefit of the "Sea of Green." With the aid of Twitter, and some very creative people, a fictitious person with the handle of PersianKiwi came into existence in the cyberworld. Persiankiwi, or PK as he/she is more commonly known, claimed to be a member of the opposition and gave what many believed to be accurate, first hand reports of the situation in Iran through Twitter.
Here is the Wikipedia article that gives a good account of the Persiankiwi fable.....

PK mysteriously disappeared one day in June after tweeting an ominous note. No one has heard from him/her ever since. Despite the fact that it is impossible to verify PK's existence, he has built up a massive following on Twitter. His absence is consistently talked about. Rumors are traded about his actual status. Some say he is alive and hiding. Others say he's been arrested and is in prison. I've even heard it said that he could be a Basij or government agent out to plant misinformation. No one knows for sure.

In late June or early July of 2009 the Iran threads on twitter were alive with news that PK had came back with a new name: Persiankiwie. People rejoiced and spread the word. PKiwiE claimed his original account was hijacked by the Basij and it was no longer safe. He also went on to claim that he had "hard proof" that yours truly, Eyeranprotestr, was a Basij agent. Well! Imagine my surprise. This lead me to believe that PK and PKiwiE were both imposters. I even went as far as to research PersianKiwiE and discovered that he was, in fact, an imposter. I made contact with him and my suspicions were verified. Brother PKiwiE was a fraud and made it known to the Twitter world.
The backlash was titanic. RT's soared across Twitter world announcing that PKiwiE was a fake! And so, the seeds of doubt were sewn about the original PersianKiwi.
I believed PersianKiwi was an imposter who, amazingly enough, was able to snooker thousands of people on twitter, who were hungry for a hero, into believing he was their salvation. fter some additional research, I discovered my doubts were accurate.
The truth is that PK is simply a fable conjured up by some college kids in California. I've been in contact with them. I know their names and where they go to school. They informed me that soon PK will return to Twitter under the original name and try again to "fool the idiots on there who cannot think for themselves" one more time.
Bravo, for the PK fairy tale! You've succeeded in fooling thousands of people and even getting PK's own wikipedia entry, and dozens of mentions on CNN and other news outlets worldwide. And PK don't even exist!!! He's not in Tehran, he's in Burbank!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Firing Up The Children 3 August 2009

One post can cause a hellstorm. This one caused a mini-storm but it's always something to see how a few of the regular folks on #Iranelection are set on a hair trigger.

eyeranprotestr0#iranelection #musicmonday RT ATTENTION BASIJ! Professor REV KHARMAZI is TWITTERING from Tehran University Faculty Lounge. ARREST!!!!!!

The responses........

csbayRT @eyeranprotestr0: F** U you scum SOBgvt. RAT. We promise to have your head on a stick in a street of Tehran. #tehran #iranelection #iran

T4Tx@eyeranprotestr0: F** U you scum SOBgvt. RAT. We promise to have your head on a stick in a street of Tehran. #tehran #iranelection #iran

  1. Green_we_normal womenonearth @DorkThink @csbay ~ "eyeranprotestr0" is not agent, he is American in California named Mike. Block & ignore (>troll or fasci-nazi something)
DorkThink @csbay ~ @eyeranprotestr0 is not agent, he is American in California named Mike. Block & ignore #iranelection #neda #iran

  1. DorkThink @eyeranprotestr0 Mike, grow up. 16 minutes ago from web
  2. 8433_normal DorkThink @csbay ~ @eyeranprotestr0 is not agent, he is American in California named Mike. Block & ignore #iranelection #neda #iran 17 minutes ago from web
  3. 8433_normal DorkThink @csbay ~ @eyeranprotestr0 is not agent, he is American in California named Mike. Block & ignore

CSBay:WARNING: EYERANPROTESTR0 is a GVT Rat. Block this SOB out of the site. He is spying on people here in twitter #tehran #iranelection #neda RT

retrothunderboy @eyeranprotestr0 so its you back again spilling your crap ps did you get the $100 i sent you cheers

T4Tx @eyeranprotestr0: F** U you scum SOBgvt. RAT. We promise to have your head on a stick in a street of Tehran. #tehran #iranelection #iran

grandpasargad Attention Twitter admin: eyeranprotestr0 is a basiji spreading false news and reporting Iranian twitters location. please block this basiji

The_FNGa "@csbay - WARNING: EYERANPROTESTR0 is a GVT Rat." Nah, he's a punk kid in the US. Check in tweeting hours. #iranelection #iran #gr88

womenonearth @DorkThink @csbay ~ "eyeranprotestr0" is not agent, he is American in California named Mike. Block & ignore (>troll or fasci-nazi something)

LOL These people are wound up so tight it's insane. They jump at the slightest movement.

Friday, July 24, 2009

The Children Of #Iranelection

The world is filled with all sorts of people. The same can be said for Twitter. People from different backgrounds, races, income brackets, and sexual preference to name a few, jump on Twitter for a wide variety of reasons. Some partake in the world's largest soapbox, while others want to find out what's going on in the world, and/or let the world know what they're doing. And then there are the folks on Twitter who are on Twitter and do all three of the above mentioned activities.
The Iran related threads on Twitter was an encampment for hundreds of hardcore supporters of the protesters in Tehran. They took advantage of the soapbox, received and broadcast information about what was happening on the ground in Tehran....and slammed the door on anyone who did not conform with their positions. In other words, anyone who came onto threads such as #iranelection in late June of 09 and did not declare full blown support for the Mousavi crowd or failed to condemn the Iranian government were labeled as "Gov't agents" or "Basij agents looking to spread false rumors and trick protesters into revealing their names and locations in Iran."
The thought process was painfully simple: If you were not with the protesters, then you were against them.
This shouldn't be too surprising since the majority of folks passionately posting about the situation in Iran were students and others in their early to mid twenties. Children really, who know very little about the real world aside from what some of their ultra-leftist professors extolled them with in college. They are old enough to know what was right and what was wrong, but how to contend with it was another story. By the time one reaches the age of 21 or 22, the mind has not fully matured. They lack, for the most part, ample amounts of real world experience. Americans in this age group add the extra ingredient of being spoiled brats who are used to having things go their way. So when the mullahs in Tehran were not doing what the children on #iranelection wanted them to do, the children decided to scream their heads off, demand that the mullah's conform to their expectations, and sling mud. The children unleashed the same tactic on the people on the threads who were not in full support of their efforts. They succeeded in driving off some of the pro-Irangov't crowd, yet their efforts did little to deter Eyeranprotestr.
Eyeranprotestr was attacked the moment he set foot on twitter. As the children passed tweets filled with rumors of strikes, death threats against Ahmadenijad, and 'reports' of police and military units siding with the protesters, I began launching tweets that refuted these reports and rumors. No mainstream western media outlets were reporting anything of the kind. The internet and twitter in Iran was all but shut down. Nothing was coming out of the country from anyone. The government was clamping down, that much was apparent. Nevertheless, the children were not to be deterred. Iran related retweets flooding twitter were 'the truth.' Reality was ignored. Mir Mousavi was a god who was destined to ride the sea of green to claim his 'rightful' place as president of Iran. The children on Twitter believed that their duty was essential to the success of the protesters in Iran. Yeah, sure. Like the Ayatollah is going to be brought to his knees because thousands of children on Twitter despise him.
Apparently, the children thought this.
Every attempt I made to have a discussion on what was happening in Iran met resistance. Eyeranprotestr was not conforming to the expectations of the children. The more I tried to engage in conversation questioning the reports of 'hundreds of thousands of protesters in the streets' for example, I was shouted down and labeled a government agent or member of the Basij. Here's an example.....

Thedissent: RT @Eyeranprotestr is Basij agent. Block him. Hear that CRUNCH, Eyeranprotestr? Its the Peoples' boots They're coming 4 u #iran #iranelection

After seeing a thousand of these lies, I decided to fight fire with fire. The children were ignoring reality and wanted Eyeranprotestr to be a hated Basij-like pro-Ahmadenijad bastard, so the Eyeranprotestr was going to accomodate them.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Words of June:Beginning

June 19. At Friday morning religious services Ayatollah Khameini addressed his nation. He declared the results of the presidential election as 'legitimate' and cautioned that protests would 'no longer be tolerated.' Tehran was already teetering on the verge of chaos. Angry students and supporters of Mousavi were taking to the streets in ever increasing numbers and fervor, demanding that the results of the June election be overturned and Mir Mousavi be declared the winner. In response, riot police and Basij deployed to the streets in even greater numbers. The stage was potentially set for a second Iranian revolution.
Media coverage of the events in Iran was touch and go. Western news agencies especially, were relying on 'direct reports' from the demonstrators in Tehran, who were using text messaging, Twitter and even Facebook to get descriptions, video and photographs to the outside world. The Iranian government was slow to respond and for a while it appeared that Twitter was going to be the weapon that carried the day for the protesters. CNN, MSNBC, FoxNews and nearly every other Western media outlet were all glued to Twitter, monitoring the Tweets coming out of Tehran and reporting them. Journalists around the globe were showering praise on Twitter for aiding the effort of the pro-Mousavi demonstrators.
Like the rest of the world, I was watching the events in Iran closely. I was also following the tweets supposedly coming from protesters in Tehran. Twitter was the hotbed of support for the Iranian protesters. Tweets and re-tweets burned up cyberspace with talk of protests being organized, questions about specific protesters and their whereabouts, and a list of the foreign embassies willing to take in wounded protesters, just to name a handful of topics. And of course, there were rumors. Rumors of high ranking Iranian government officials coming out in support of Mousavi, of Republican Guard units refusing to enter the city and crush the protests, and reports that a general strike was being planned. These all circulated throughout Twitter. Many of these claims were not being reported in the mainstream media. As time went on, it was increasingly difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff.
I was quite reluctant to believe most of the claims on Twitter, or the sources of the information. Their authenticity was very suspect. Names suich as Persiankiwi and Oxfordgirl were well known across Twitter at this point as people who were on the ground in Tehran and reporting despite the dangers. Who was to say that the people claiming to be in Tehran were actually there? Who was to say that their reports were authentic? They could just as easily be Iranian government agents posing as protesters, or, more likely, simply folks elsewhere playing games.
Nevertheless, tens of thousands of people on Twitter were tuning in, absorbing the 'news from Tehran' and offering their support.....without any hard evidence. I didn't think it could be so easy to influence people. I mean, yes, this was Twitter and the internet, and one must always be careful, but I simply could not fathom how thousands of people were blindly believing and passing along the words of others without any proof. People could not be that foolish, right?
Well, I had to find out for my own. My strategy was simple: create a handle, go on twitter, come across as a somewhat pro-Iranian government person and see what develops. The most difficult part appeared to be creating a name for Twitter. I wanted the handle to be somewhat light in the hopes that most people would eventually realize I wasn't openly supporting the Islamic Republic. After some consideration, I came up with what I thought would be an appropriate name: EyeranProtestr.
It took a few minutes to create the profile and fill in the necessary information. On June 20th, EyeranProtestr was born and the journey commenced.
I was not prepared for where it would take me, or what I would learn about people, twitter, the internet, and most importantly, about myself as a result.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My Name Is.....

Irrelevant. However, you can call me EyeranProtestr, Eyeranprotestr2, PersianKiwie, PersianKwikie, or just plain Mike. They're all Aliases, so please feel free to pick whichever one you'd like.