Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Joanne Michele's Hunt For EyeranProtestr

Away from the chaos that the Eyeran campaign brought to the #iranelection thread, some Sea of Greenies were attempting to track down and identify Eyeranprotestr. Believe me, there was never the slightest chance of success, but they did try with gusto. DorkThink, a twitter member and frequent poster on #iranelection (And a fan of this blog ;-)) believes that she was able to trace my IP address and declared to the world that I was a kid from Northern California. She even brought this declaration to my blog and stated it in the comment section of one of my previous posts. Good try, however, you are wrong.
JoanneMichele, another tweeter and fanatical member of the #iranelection militia went beyond Dork's efforts in tracking me down. She appealed to her friends on the message boards at http://iran.whyweprotest.net for help in hunting me down. She was greatly offended that somebody would come to #iranelection and disagree with the views of 99% of the posters and took it upon herself to make sure I was 'brought to justice.' Below is a a link to the 'Eyeranprotestr' discussion on that website. JoanneMichele was the ringleader as you can tell. Read through all of the pages of the US Realpolitik thread from Page 3 on

Start from this point on Page 3 (Cut and paste please, hard time linking it)

To conclude, JoanneMichele and her idiotic minions, after hours of research, came to the conclusion that I was a man named Afshin K Azar of Houston Texas. Epic failure. She even would send me tweets with the name and threatened to 'tell your wife what you're doing.' I told her to go ahead, Afshin was not Eyeran. I do not know for certain, but some friends of mine told me later that she did in fact contact the wife of Mr.Azar and caused quite a mess.

It's always interesting to see people like JoanneMichele and Dork use the tactics of their enemies. Basij and the Iranian government trace people through their computers. But hey, I guess that confirms that the Eyeran Campaign was more than a nuisance to #iranelection and its moronic members. Eyeranprotestr was apparently enough of an 'enemy' that Joannemichele felt compelled to hunt me down and bring 'justice' to me. She failed. So did Dork. All they've done is get innocent people into trouble.
Hey Morons, if you want to know where I'm from, just ask. It'd save you much trouble. I could be from Philadelphia or South Jersey or Texas or Singapore. Just ask! :) I only pray that JoanneMichele has not traumatized innocent Afshin and caused his family harm.

Wishing you all a great day!