Saturday, October 17, 2009

#Iranelection: Troll Paradise

I guess I started something way back when I decided to come on and debate the fools on the Twitter thread #Iranelection. My experiment has spawned a gaggle of new, anti-Green trolls! In the past few months a swarm of them have congregated on the thread. The green idiots there blame me, naturally. They claim it is me making a multitude of new accounts with names that mimick some of them. LOL I only wish I had the time to cause so much havoc there. Eyeranprotester....the in retirement. Eyeransupreme has taken his place. The others are non sanctioned poseurs.
Many people have come on claiming to be Persiankiwi. It tickles my fancy to see the chaos this causes. Persiankiwis, Persiankiwiabr and _Persiankiwi have stirred both hope and anger. But none come close to the madness caused by the uber idiot Persiankiwie. That man or woman, whoever it may be, had #iranelection in an uproar back in June.
I have two favorites in the new troll class. Jocariva, who claims to be the non-gay twin brother of the regular #iranelection poster Jocarva uses an avatar that Jocarva stole from him. But Jocarva claims it was stolen from him. Or, as he says "..You Stoooled it from me!" I wish I was creative enough to have made up Jocariva but I applaude his target of choice. Jocarva is an ass.
My ultimate favorite is Buddy_Luv. This guy comes on with an avatar of a cat he claims he molested. He acts like he's a friend of #Iranelection but the guy claims in other threads that he gives money to the Basij. I like him because he's a pure, unadulterated moron and makes no bones about it.
So I applaude him, Jocariva, and the other trolls currently fighting the good fight on #iranelection. Maybe they can help it trend once again


  1. Do you not tire of getting called out, Mikey?

    -The Dork

  2. It is my impression that #iranelection and it's sister threads have run their course. They no longer trend and the amount of people who frequent it has dwindled down to a small cadre of die hards. The trolls presence has had little to do with it. However, they have been very effective in demonstrating the simplicity of the Green Supporters on Twitter. It is fairly simple to divide them or to have them stray off course with a small number of rumors. If they are not united and effective then they are doing no good for the people in Iran. For that, I am sad.